Please check out some of the other Apps we've built below
Baijiu Cocktail Week

This App has been designed to help promote Baijiu Cocktail week that coincides with Chinese New Year. The App promotes all the bars taking place by sending offers to the App user when they walk past one of the venues. The App lists all the special Baijiu cocktails the bars have made for the event and through promotions, vouchers and competitions we are creating a Baijiu cocktail trail where the customer will travel around London visiting all the bars and tasting all the cocktails.
Through the client office we are able to track who’s downloaded the App and which vouchers and promotions they have used and general analytics to monitor the events success and help build a big following.
Pinewood Auto Finder
This App is a must for any car enthusiasts or anyone planning to buy a new car with amazing weekly offers, plus guide prices to make sure that if you are buying a car elsewhere you’re paying the right price for it. As well as many other features the best feature from this App and worth downloading alone is for its Auto specialist directory which has an impressive list of recommended and trusted car related people. Whether you need a mobile mechanics to come out to you quickly or the best place to get your next MOT, the app is full of useful contacts right at your fingertips.
Aldo Zilli
This is the App for chef Aldo Zilli the App interacts seamlessly with his website to promote what he’s doing. Keeping up to date with everything Aldo - news and events he will be attending as well as a gallery of coverage and mouth watering dishes.
The App is packed full of Italian recipes, videos from his you tube channel, discounts off his master classes only to people who have downloaded the App. You can even listen to his radio show.
Holmes Accountancy

Holmes Accountancy App has been built to help their customers stay on top of their accounts with links to accounts software such as Xero and Sage One, tax calculators, Currency Converters and links to online portals to keep all your records in one place. With all their company information and contact details and number ready to call just incase, it’s one of the advantages they have over their competitors.
BloomBox App
BloomBox App is designed to promote and help sell their seasonal plant products, you can buy through the app, receive monthly gardening tips, how-to videos and weather reports so you know when best to get out there or if you need to grab a jacket. It allows you to ask the BloomBox gardening guru questions as well as a plant database that gives you a complete guide on how to tend, prune and nurture your plants.

Listening to your voice
Is the promotional App for leadership coach and motivational Speaker Ruth Pearson. From the app you are able to buy her books and book in on a range of her courses. The App is full of useful tips on business development, educational coaching and motivational speaking.
Hannible Brown
Hannible Brown offers internationally sourced artisan wines at the best prices. A loyalty scheme so regular customers can benefit though ordering their wine through the App with discounts. Regular offers and events news are all promoted through the App. Also through the App you are able to order your personalized Wine labels, choosing your wine, number of bottle and uploading your message and images to be displayed on the label, there is also a gallery of pervious wine label designs for inspiration.
Saffron Summer
The Saffron Summer App was designed to promote its restaurant in Surrey and engage with their customers in order to gain repeat business by sending push messages directly marketing to them. This includes loyalty schemes and special offers, online reviews, integrated with their website and all their social media.